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And though DeSomma's elaborate light-bulb display draws far more oohs and aahs than Roytbak's Star Shower, she prefers the laser pointer aesthetic.The approach, tested across Europe, uses lasers and a drug made from deep sea bacteria to eliminate tumours, but without causing severe side effects.In addition to brightening houses, the laser light systems have also flown off the shelves, said one local hardware store manager.But lasers have also had a long history of peaceful civilian use in devices as diverse as CD players, medical scanners, fibre optic cables and crime detection kits. The laser pulses were able to delve beneath the foliage in a way no other technology could.Companies like Lockheed will always look to "weaponise" such technology, but the firm has also developed lasers for welding and cutting machines.Instead, they're buying projectors that send hundreds of red and green lasers dancing across the outside of their homes.Lasers use intense heat and light energy to incinerate targets without causing a large explosion,and they operate at very high speeds. Advanced Technology Demonstration will be focused on developing and integrating a more compact, medium-power green laser weapon system onto a fighter.Air Force Research Laboratory officials said they plan to have a program of air-fired laser weapons in place by 2023.Aircraft-mounted laser weapons have the potential to incinerate opposition missile systems, air-to-air fighter jets, drones, ships and ground forces.It has nothing to do with the temperature of the laser light and is the reason your laser pointer doesn't vaporize instantly in your hand upon activation. Though it's easy to look at a laser pointer and assume the love the light thanks to the color red.According to Bradshaw, although cats react strongly to the red dot produced by a laser pointer.It's imprecise, for one, leading to "laser creep" that can throw a smattering of errant green measles upon your neighbor's garage.Those disclaimers haven't seemed to dampen the zealousness for projection lasers, which have even infiltrated the most famous residence in the country. I'm a firm believer that it's time we take directed energy in the form of high-energy Laser Engraver and move it into the battlefield on an AC-130 gunship.Heithold,meanwhile, noted that his AC-130's already have green targeting lasers, with not much more power than a laser pointer.Several firms have working laser weapons, and Lockheed Martin recently showed off its laser weapon.The Army is also pursuing a mobile laser weapon, and Walsh said that though their efforts are separate for now. A small Huntsville company is developing laser weapon technology which could become a cost-efficient method for the U.S. Army to take down enemy targets.The project will conclude in late 2016 when Lockheed Martin is scheduled to deliver a 50-kilowatt laser.Laser weapons and Stinger missiles could be integrated into detection systems and mounted on vehicles. Back in 2014, it introduced the AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System or XN-1 LaWS (pictured above), which uses solid-state 3000mw laser array to destroy a drone or missile outright or warn/cripple its sensors.A Pentagon press release describes the TSS system as a large-aperture mid-wave forward-looking infrared sensor with a laser designator/rangefinder turret.Meanwhile, the Navy has already deployed one laser system, called the Laser Weapons System, or LaWS, which has been operational for months.


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