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GPS tracking device has been around for a while. As the use of the device grows increasingly popular, we're seeing new products from overseas, which prevent cell phone signal jammer from working properly. These products are called GPS jammers. Jamming device to prevent the GPS tracking receiver from global positioning system (GPS) constellation receive location information. Jamming devices have different shape, size and configuration, but there is a problem, here is a big problem. Unless you have a lot of money to pay a lot of fines, and like people in a local federal prison called "Bubba", we strongly advise you to watch our advice. What is a good GPS jammer? This is a good example. The "GPS Jammer Pro - high power portable GPS (GPS L1 / L2 / L3 and L4 / L5) Jammer Blocker" USES blue fashion design, all may block the GPS signal.The device can work while it is charging. In addition, each band can work alone or at the same time. Up to 2 watts of power make the device more powerful. Easy to use and operation, the internal rechargeable battery and low power consumption, can work continuously more than 1 hour, battery charger easily through pockets. You can create an area of about 2 to 15 meters to block. The portable GPS jammer is equipped with an AC adapter, car charger, can be used for charging. The GPS signal jammer can be very useful in blocking the GPS signal, which can help provide security. A more unusual purpose is to block a GPS signal from somewhere, in case someone puts a tracking device on you or your car. In addition, the GPS jammers color is blue, gorgeous color! Noise caused by the stupid fool GPS receiver to low power signal and thinking disturbance signal of the satellite is not available. Mischief often use them to confuse the police, to avoid charges, sometimes even ignorant users. But the threat is the real extent of unknowns. Criminals can use them to hide the whereabouts of law enforcement behavior, some experts worry that terrorists might use the high power jammer disrupt GPS receiving or military action on the plane. Typically, the user will jammer inserted into the cigarette lighter, and the unit near the GPS tracker GPS satellite signal to interrupt. Once the power is charged, they will be fully operational in less than 20 seconds. Relatively high power jammer and rapid start-up time allows the jammer to be used only when needed. The criminals will shut them down as quickly as possible to avoid detection. These jammers can be cheap to buy on the Internet, cost less than $100. It's very unencouraging to buy a GPS jammer, but all kinds of jammers can be purchased online, like physical shielding, wi-fi/bluetooth jammers, remote jammers, spy camera jammers, and drone jammers, just a few examples.Not only use jammer immoral and illegal, and can also be potentially dangerous. In one case, a New Jersey truck driver was fined nearly $32,000 by the federal communications commission (FCC) when he interrupted air traffic control information by using a GPS jamming device on his car at Newark liberty international airport. The driver is using jammer hid his position on his employer, the employer on the truck installed a GPS vehicle tracking system. The FCC investigators can find jamming signal using radio monitoring equipment, and prove their is causing interference. It is understood that the RF jammers is gsm frequency jammer, we also known as remote jammer, it is a kind of special equipment, used to broadcast RF signal interrupt or prevent the normal communication. All standard remote controls use three main frequencies - 315MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz. 315 MHZ, 315 MHZ and 868 mh for some remote control, used to monitor an unmanned remote control, remote control toys, remote control car, garage doors, television and other remote control.

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