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With the popularity of mobile phones, annoying phone calls ignore manners. Using commercial “portable radio interference device to disturb the call” seems to be more and more.Can’t you just grab the criminals by setting them up? Mobile phones to outside the scope of mobile phone I want, but please tell me what to do, if you have some people know of the circuit diagram, people put forward. I don’t use its prank. This is the last experiment. Once I heard about disturbing the police, but not the detection of radio waves was the place where the lawyer’s acquaintance was, unless it was proved that I was using it at that time, and that it would be difficult. Even so, even in the current offense, the police can only say what they sayIt’s been nearly a month, and we’ve been living in a bad signal, and I can’t be so good even when I’m on the phone, the first thing I think is my phone. “Said the king, who lives in the new room. According to the story of my husband’s warehouse, “but you to interfere with the interference of the GPS signal jammer to buy cars to the mortgage, na” seems near nantes become a nuisance, did not feel very sorry.” I said.http://www.jammer-buy.com/blog/n-49.html

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