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TPhotonics is aiming to develop and manufacture what are known as T-cavity tunable lasers.Directed-energy weapons using fibre Red Laser are part of what analysts describe as a growing market, and the leading companies are in North America.Increasing eye related diseases and rising aging population are some of the major factors driving the growth of the global medical laser technology market.The gas laser system includes the argon gas laser, which is used in the treatment of ulcers, lesions, and polyps.This is due to the advancements in medical laser technologies, rising elderly population, increasing prevalence of eye diseases.Increasing prevalence of eye disorders and growing aging population are some of the major driving factors for the global medical laser technology market.Some of the major companies operating in the global medical laser technology market.The University of Arizona has licensed a new tunable 300mw Green Laser Pointer technology invented in the College of Optical Sciences to startup TPhotonics Inc.Eco3d’s laser scanning technology provided a significant reduction in hours compared to the time it would take to manually measure a building of this size and shape.Although the laser technology that Statoil is installing is accurate enough to pinpoint small leaks.Ultrafast-pulse laser technology transforms an industry.By 2012, femtosecond lasers were beginning to be used for corrective vision applications, but these lasers were used a few times a day in an office environment.Developed an integrated laser and scan head that meets target rotational speed that exceeds 200Hz at an attack angle above 80%.The new laser greatly expands the capability of the popular and proven Explorer One family for demanding manufacturing applications.Optech started selling Laser Cutter range finders, which use a single beam to determine the distance between the laser emitter and whatever object you pointed it at.The drop in industrial laser sales and the shutting down of certain activities have affected the Industrial and Scientific Products business.The United States military has been working on laser weapons for decades.DoD finally started touting lasers as a viable weapon against fast-moving crafts and missiles.A 150-kw laser would be 3 to 10 times more powerful than the Laser Weapon System.HTPOW is leading to rising demand for laser technology.However, exciting the crystals and antennas requires bulky and powerful lasers.Effective laser marking requires quick and effective dye removal.Tencel have the above desired characteristics and are the perfect fabrics to work with laser.Lenzing and Jeanologia have conducted a study to demonstrate the advantages of 100mw Laser technology when using Tencel fabrics.Ultimately, the laser system results in brighter output and a faster system.Laser projectors such as the HTPOW help to eradicate this problem.It is complete with a proprietary specialty laser module fixed into a newly designed hermetically-sealed Butterfly package, as well as an integrated laser driver and temperature controller.