Oue Site : http://www.americantrustflooring.com/“Solid” Wood Floor Refinishing NYC is as one may expect the most expensive of all wood floor selections. It is not uncommon for “solid” hardwood floors to exceed two to three times the cost over other floor selections and in most cases is out of reach of those on restricted budget guidelines. Available in a variety of wood species, “solid” hardwood floors are noted for durability and overall beauty that will last a lifetime.Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/U56wUjvS5js My Profilel : http://pinjoying.com/user/woodfloorsnyc/More logo : http://pinjoying.com/pin/51160/https://dropshots.com/HardwoodFlooringNy/date/2017-05-23/18:00:53https://dropshots.com/HardwoodFlooringNy/date/2017-05-23/17:59:35 

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