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This site was created to help educate smart most fashion laser pointer owners on the differences between different green lasers pen like color choice, size and profile to ergonomics like touch sensitive laser beam pointer. We’ll go over all the different options available and tell you about our favorite gun laser picks and the reasons why we chose them.Some versions are dual wavelength lasers pointer used for medical applications such as dentistry, dermatology, or veterinary. 450nm 3000mW lasers pointer with an output power up to 50 W in 400 µm fibres can be used for soldering or plastic processing.In the process of vaporization, the workpiece table and under the action of the focused laser pointer 500mW beam, the temperature rapidly rises to the vaporization temperature, and the material is vaporized in large quantities, and the high pressure steam is formed by supersonic outward injection. At the same time in the laser area to form a “hole”, the laser beam in the hole several times to reflect the material and the absorption of laser abundance quickly increased.Laser pointer 100mw machine can be divided red,blue,green,purple laser pointer, the former is mainly used for metal products, the latter is mainly non-metallic, the current market, most of the laser pointer equipment.Laser pointer equipment in different ways can also be divided into carving, cutting and marking three, basically some special machines, some are a variety of functions, should be based on the main needs of choice.In a very short period of time to produce more products faster to create higher profits, so the speed of the speed is often able to receive orders and whether to make money the key, the United States Postscript  equipment accelerated to 304.8 cm / s, the lowest There are 203.2 cm / s, the speed is only 106 cm / s than the average market is indeed a different world 200mW laser pointer.Laser pointer technology is one of the four major scientific and technological inventions of the twentieth century with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. Laser pointer has a good monochrome, coherence, directionality. Can be very small in the area to accumulate a high energy density, especially for material processing, the use of high-energy density of the 500mW laser pointer parts of the workpiece, so that the surface material vaporization, melting or color changes in the chemical reaction, in order to achieve marking, Cutting or welding of a method.As a high-tech 2500mW laser pointer technology, since its inception, has been for different social needs for the development of various industries for laser products, such as the NO1. laser printer, laser beauty machine, laser marking CNC laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine and other products, As the domestic laser industry started late, in technology research and development largely lagged behind in some developed countries, the current domestic laser products manufacturer to produce laser products, some key parts such as laser tube, drive motor, galvanometer, focus Mirror, etc. or use the goods. Which led to the rise in costs, but also increased the consumer’s commitment.http://peatix.com/event/281577https://ningshijie88.kroogi.com/ru/content/3333350-laser-pointer.html#