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The Luke character’s blaster is just a cheap water gun that shoots low-powered green laser pointer .Laser guns are no longer the realms of Star Trek and Star Wars.Lasers aren’t the only experimental weapon that the US is currently working on.The energy used for the laser beam itself would only be powerful enough to run a microwave for around two seconds, the Osaka researchers claim.To put that into context, according to Popular Science, a 50,000 watt green laser pointer successfully took down a drone just a mile away.The 50kW laser was 10 billion times less powerful that the one used in Japan.However, even with said demonstration, the 50 kilowatt laser is just a plaything compared with some of the world’s biggest laser weapon systems.His sword, Ultima, isn’t really a laser sword because it’s not powered with frickin’ laser beams, but with “reishi,” the spiritual energy inherent in all things.If the prototype is successful, the first high power laser pointer weapons would come into service by the mid 2020s.Boeing is upgrading the Stryker mounted laser to 5 kilowatts for testing early in 2017.It did reveal the customer intends to procure the technology to support its High Energy Laser ground-based tactical weapon system.His opponent, also standing in this grassy area near one Columbia’s laser-spewing turrets, has just six creeps to kill.A $30million deal to make the high power laser pointer weapon is being awarded today to a consortium of British defence and technology firms.The UK has long enjoyed a reputation as a world leader in innovation and it is truly ground-breaking projects like the Laser Directed Energy Weapon.Laser weapons have taken the step out of science fiction into reality as weapons experts across the world try to produce the first devastating example of Star Wars-style energy cannons.This contract covers a specific production series of Red Laser Pointer and follows Quantel’s successful development of the compact, ruggedized laser source as well as delivery of several earlier production runs.The unit cell is a laser oscillator that produces a single 75-kw beam. Modules can be ganged together to produce a 150- or 300-kw beam.The solid-state Red Laser Pointer form of directed energy weapon has been operational on board the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf in the form of the Navy’s Laser Weapons System.At the CCW’s First Review Conference in 1995 and 1996, states parties adopted Protocol IV to prohibit the use and transfer of blinding laser weapons.Human Rights Watch examined and photographed remnants of a US-made GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided 500-pound bomb.”That was a major investment on the part of DARPA,” Hardy said. “It’s the first time anybody’s shown you can make a 150-kW-class electric laser pointer 100mw.Actually, I think the prohibition you are thinking of is considerably narrower than all “anti-personnel lasers”. Specifically, what was agreed to is a prohibition on blinding lasers.In recent years, the US Navy unveiled a laser cannon capable of shooting down drones and disabling vessels.http://potuks.com/user/michale_scot/http://www.youblisher.com/p/1560669-HTPOW-Red-Laser-Pointer-For-Sale/